I would like to introduce a successor or investor

new investor

“One ends, the next one begins”

There is a time when the business owner realizes that they need a new shareholder or investor to create a chance to grow the company because:

  • the company lacks a successor
  • the company has reached its maximum capacity
  • competition has firmly taken over the market
  • the owner would like to redirect their investments to other industries.

So, we can be involved in such a project, we must have 100% certainty that the owner himself is determined for such move. Only then we do proceed and take actions.

If the reason for such a decision arises from the above points 1-3, we firstly analyse the facts. Our main target is to put companies to a higher level of development. Through audit and having made audit recommendations, we show the customer direction of development and point the necessary changes out so we can carry on with changes further. Only after this stage we take the decision and proceed to the activities related to acquiring a new investor.

Stages of acquiring a new investor:

  1. The following documentation shall be prepared based on the information gathered during the audit:
    • investment teaser – containing the necessary data of the company, including the financial performance and strategy of the company, which will be more than attractive enough to attract investors
    • Biznes Up recommendations – prepared by the Biznes Up team, based on an earlier audit, which will indicate the development potential of the company with a proposal of concrete actions that should be implemented to achieve the success.
  2. Acceptance of prepared documentation by the owner of the company.
  3. Prepare a list of potential investors.
  4. Presenting the project to potential investors.
  5. Arranging the meeting between the investor and the company owner to coordinate further efforts in order to conclude the agreement between the parties.





Looking for development for my business

I would like to introduce a successor or investor

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I am looking for innovative solutions in agriculture

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