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Recruitments of specialists. Acquisition of valuable candidates for partners from the AGRO sector

Recruitments of specialists. Acquisition of valuable candidates for partners from the AGRO sector

We believe that the knowledge of the industry means getting to know many valuable people. Thanks to many years of experience in agriculture, we have gained the trust from the agro market companies and even though we did not act as a recruitment company, we received cooperation requests to run the first stage of the employment process, i.e. recruitment of specialist and for manager positions.
The little things often lead to the big ones, which is why we decided to make a recruitment one of the services we now provide.

Our targets and activity scope

Witheach of the recruitments made, we worked closely with the clientasking ourselves who we are really looking for and what we expectfrom the applicant. Based on this information, we have created acandidate profile with precise expectations.

Thedistinguishing feature of our advertising campaign was the phrase“this work is not for you, if”, which didn’t mean we werefull of nonchalance, but totally opposite – it was supposed toprovide a prudent and professional approach to recruitment.

Setting a 30-day period to find the right person, we took into account that time and precision are a very important factors as well as matching the right person with a certain position and also to select a person whose values and work ethics corresponds with those in the company. The verification process involved a lot of video conversations and meetings (including different parts of the country), which were always substantive and to the point but at the same time, very friendly.

To this point in time, the “Agro recruitment” project included the recruitment for the following positions:

Allthese positions require specialized experience and agriculturalknowledge, and our experience in this area just at the first stage ofthe candidate’s verification helped us to determine candidates’qualifications, usefulness of their professional experience and othercompetences, as important as substantive preparation, e.g. softskills.

This project however does not imply any restrictions in terms of the level of positions within the companies for which the search for candidates is carried out, nor in terms of the territory in which it takes place. We have also successfully recruited for various positions for companies outside the agro sector.

Customer benefits


Looking for development for my business

I would like to introduce a successor or investor

I need staff, I create a new department, etc.

I would like my products to be recognizable on the market

I’m looking for new markets for my company in Poland and abroad

I am looking for innovative solutions in agriculture

I am looking for innovative solutions in agriculture

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