Szukam nowych rynków dla mojej firmy w Polsce i za granicą

finding new business partners in Poland

„Veni vidi vici”

Are you looking for stable business partners in Poland who are interested in establishing long-term cooperation?
Would You like to start Your business in Poland?
Are you looking for distributor on polish market?
Do you need someone who will prepare market research for Your company?
Do you need to find the best possible candidates for Your company?

Biznes Up is business-oriented consulting company providing their clients, efficient solutions to launch and start up business in Poland. Our services based on following pillars:

  1. Partners connection – if you would like to launch Your products on the polish market, we will assist you in this process with:
    • analysis of the business sector’s situation in Poland
    • analysis of Your competitors
    • product registration according to the domestic regulations
    • market research and product placement
    • marketing strategy
    • product presentation and training
    • identification of potential distributor
  2. HR project – if you are looking for a candidate, specialist, manager for Your company, we have our own extensive CV bank, especially for:
    • agriculture sector
    • food sector
    • chemical industry
    • high-tech manufacturing
  3. Acquisition consulting – if you want to invest in polish companies of all size, regardless of the industry we can bring You ideas, contacts and interesting proposals.
  4. Biznes Up as a Your exclusive distributor on the Polish market – there are some projects for which we ourselves turn into a distributor because we know how to deal with products which are innovative.

So, if you have a product, service, idea (not only from agriculture sector, where we “feel like fish in the water”) which is: pioneering, visionary, rarely seen in Poland even radical
Contact us, we are waiting for such a project 🙂

Co jeszcze możemy

zrobić aby poszerzyć

Twoją bazę klientów?

Szukam rozwoju dla swojej firmy

Chciałbym wprowadzić sukcesora lub inwestora

Potrzebuję ludzi, tworzę nowy dział, itp.

Chciałbym, aby moje produkty były rozpoznawalne na rynku

Szukam nowych rynków dla mojej firmy w Polsce i za granicą

Szukam nowoczesnych rozwiązań w rolnictwie

Szukam nowoczesnych rozwiązań w rolnictwie

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