I need staff, I create a new department, etc.

loyalty and incentive program

“Attract the customer, get them into your world”

How to distinguish yourself from the competition?
Why do others have bigger sales of a product that is actually exactly like ours?
Why are customers more loyal to my competitor?

Surely many entrepreneurs ask themselves this question many times.
Loyalty program is nothing else but building lasting relationships with our business partners, which promotes the dynamics of sales. It Is worth knowing that this type of program will only work if the sales team is true product and company ambassador and has been well prepared for such role, both from the knowledge of the offered product point of view and sales techniques, as well as to know on how to use the motivation tool itself. The loyalty program offered by sellers should be a tool in the hand of the seller, however no more and no less than just the sales support, and not the main factor on which the actual sale depends. Improper use of such a tool can quickly result in a reverse effect to the assumptions that the company set at the beginning.

Taking all of this into account, we offer you:

  1. To prepare a loyalty program for customers which will include:
    • defined objectives and budget (monthly verified), target group and communication channel
    • specified duration of the program (whether it is long or short-term, for example: associated with the sales campaign)
    • regulations/hand book (clear rules, understandable to both the customer and the seller)
    • consistency in the trader/seller incentive scheme
  2. Preparation of the incentive scheme for traders/sellers which will:
    • be associated with the company’s sales strategy and the customer loyalty program
    • be based on the profitability of the products offered
    • have an impact on increasing sales of products, in particular those ones on which the company depends the most
    • be fun for sales rep. in their daily work
    • allow simple calculations
    • be giving the sellers options of negotiating of prices during a meeting with the customer
    • allow the sellers to decide how much they want to earn, still taking into account the company’s interest.




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