I need staff, I create a new department, etc.

recruitment of specialists and managers

“Who owns bees, collects the honey”

Although at the beginning of existence of our company we did not assume that one of our services would be recruiting for specialized and management positions, it changed very quickly. Projects related to change management and the optimization of processes resulted in the fact that we are working on two fronts, we implement the changes and at the same time search for a staff with potential who could benefit the company and are able to still continue the processes started. Regardless of industry, company size and position.

Our partners quite often direct this type of projects to us, because for many years of working for different organizations we have focused on finding and acquiring talents for every level of organizational structure, so it is almost natural for us to tell who will fit the organization perfectly. Doing the recruitment process, we think that equally important factors like the candidate’s experience and competence for a given position are their motivation, commitment and determination in pursuing of goals.

The recruitment process we believe in is based on an individual approach with each customer. We use our own database of candidates, already established business contacts, recruitment support platforms and social media, both at home and abroad.
Anyone who has repeatedly gone through the recruitment process is aware that the number of resumes received does not in general necessarily translate into the number of candidates “fit for purpose” of which the company is actually looking for. We, for the change are the first point of contact for candidates, the “filter” at the first stages of the process, so that entrepreneurs save time, are able to focus only on conversations with the relevant candidates.

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I need staff, I create a new department, etc.

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I am looking for innovative solutions in agriculture

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