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optimization of processes

“Too many cooks spoil the broth”

Work efficiency is a high value asset in any company and certainly a result off correct selection of employees, because each of them specializes in something else. It is the diversity of the team that moves the company forward. It is important that the head of the department becomes a leader who will work well with their team, join team efforts, spot and utilize the fresh ideas people often have and make them work.

The company’s decision-making is nowadays one of the main problems many companies have. Quite often they don’t even realize that, that because of the problem with decision making, the profitable contract was taken over by the competition, opportunity is now gone, just because there was no timely reaction to make the decision and the person who usually decides, for example the boss, was absent.

Work efficiency is a parameter that is fairly easy to determine in sales departments – just look at the sales volume and then set a margin. From the other hand the company also has other departments whose joint actions translate into a better work of the whole company, and consequently to a good financial result and customer satisfaction. But how do you accomplish this? How to measure it?

And how would it be…? If we were there with you to address these topics together and have a look at:

  • Your company’s strategy
  • organisational structure
  • decision making process of managers
  • communication between employees and individual departments (internal culture of the company)
  • the principles of creating individual teams in order to benefit from the talents and creativity of individual employees
  • optimization of the costs incurred
  • sales budgets and salesperson bonus systems as a team-friendly element and tool for increasing margins
  • discount systems and their efficiency
  • processes automation methods.

All the above-mentioned activities are not done by our team in form of online tests, only an active work with your team and using our multi-discipline knowledge, intuition and experience can bring the good results. Just like when it comes to implementing of automation systems, we also only cooperate with professionals in this field.

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Looking for development for my business

I would like to introduce a successor or investor

I need staff, I create a new department, etc.

I would like my products to be recognizable on the market

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I am looking for innovative solutions in agriculture

I am looking for innovative solutions in agriculture

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