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audit and its recommendations

“Because the devil is in the details”

A fairly common occurrence we often have to deal with in our daily work with clients is routine. Leading the business for many years, most traders will know their company in all respects, but it is difficult for them to know that things they see can be perceived by other people in totally different ways, especially those people that are skilled and prepared to ignore company current structures and its team habits. To see the problems and their sources, it is worth to take a look from a “distance”. This is where Biznes Up comes in handy.

Audit – depending on the size of the company, we make the decision about the number of people who will audit each department, usually the audit takes few days. In order to achieve our targets, we need free access to obtain any information we require, that is necessary for us to prepare the audit outcome and recommendations. Therefore, if an audit is ordered, both sides have to sign a confidentiality agreement (non-disclosure agreement) before we carry out any work. After signing off of such document, the client (principal) ensures that their employees are available during the audit, giving them permission to pass over any information requested by the auditing team. Only this collaborative model of cooperation based on mutual trust, can result in success.

Recommendations – our recommendations are based on collected information and made during brainstorming sessions of the Biznes Up team. The results are then collected into a package that represents a real assessment of the company’s condition and a guideline for the management board for further actions that the company can implement independently or with cooperation of our team, Agnieszka, Paweł and Tomasz.




Looking for development for my business

I would like to introduce a successor or investor

I need staff, I create a new department, etc.

I would like my products to be recognizable on the market

I’m looking for new markets for my company in Poland and abroad

I am looking for innovative solutions in agriculture

I am looking for innovative solutions in agriculture

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