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“In telemarketing the customer’s ears are their eyes”

Usually, when someone hears the word “telemarketing”, they pretend to not to hear this type of communication because they immediately have an impression that someone wants to force sell some product or service to them. There is a lot of reasons for this, mainly because over the past few years, a lot of us experienced being on the phone having been repeatedly bombarded with “extraordinary occasions”, which only resulted in us having putting the phones down whenever we receive a call from unknow companies or people.

Would you act the same if you received a phone call from a company you already know?
What would be the reaction to this type of phone call from the representative of the company that you already do the business with?

The task of a well-functioning telemarketing is to show the client that the company cares about them and puts them in the first place, which should increase the sales.

When a company is in constant contact with a customer, it has a chance to influence their decisions, behaviors and their causes. Even if there is a customer who is no longer buying it, thanks to telemarketer, the company can realize why it is that way, and draw conclusions from it.

Thanks to our experience in this field, as a Biznes Up we offer you to design and launch the telemarketing department, which will become a strong link of the sales process in your company.




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I would like my products to be recognizable on the market

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