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“If you want to get somewhere, it is best to find someone who already been there and can take you there”

Temporary introduction of the “stranger” into the company structure is quite popular in large enterprises with foreign capital. This type of cooperation already has its history in foreign markets, where many entrepreneurs have convinced themselves that a special task require hiring a professional who has repeatedly dealt with a similar project and has the required experience. The benefit of such cooperation is that it is possible to implement those best practices that are already working well in other industries and that the company owner wasn’t even aware of.

So why in Poland Interim Managers are still and only a small part of business cooperation?

  • Why in order to optimise the costs, the companies often try to involve already existing staff in the new project, even though they are aware that the process will last much longer because of that and that they will be exposed to the risks posed by the method of trial and the errors?
  • Why hiring of a foreign person raises concerns that the company will get rid of its identity by revealing the so-called “know how” or give away the secrets of success, and still forgets that such cooperation secures a confidentiality agreement (non-disclosure agreement) that in case of breaking will result in penalties?
  • Why still in many cases, the company owners still believe that employment contract binds the employee professionally to the company until their retirement, and that the Interim Manager contract is a contract with a potential “traitor”?
  • And why the entrepreneurs still live with the conviction that the employment of Interim manager is an expensive investment, while forgetting that this cooperation is based on a specific, task in time, resulting in the outcome, which is quite is rarely defined as a cooperation on the basis of a contract of employment?

Given the above, you should probably ask yourself another question: “What can I accomplish by contacting Biznes Up as Interim manager for my company?

Here are a few examples, but keep in mind that they do not present all the possibilities of cooperation in the use of Interim Manager:

  • cooperation we can call the Super Interim Manager, there are three experienced people at the disposal of the client, which will work together and as one in given position
  • strengthening the management of the entire organization or focusing on one department
  • creation and development of a new department in the company without the need to involve existing staff
  • resolving problems that can be effectively solved only by an independent and external assessor
  • implementation of new and proven practices that already work well in other industries
  • new experience and knowledge for managers in the company that will enable them to develop their departments with the support of an experienced Interim Manager
  • cooperation with the team of professionals who know the principles of the functioning of corporations and Polish companies and who have actively participated in the creation of structures in enterprises both in Poland and abroad
  • providing the trader with a full package of management, sales and marketing experience.

So, entrepreneur, give us your biggest problem, together we will find a solution!


Looking for development for my business

I would like to introduce a successor or investor

I need staff, I create a new department, etc.

I would like my products to be recognizable on the market

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I am looking for innovative solutions in agriculture

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