I need staff, I create a new department, etc.

create a new department

“You won’t catch a rabbit if you chase two at the same time”

Rapid company growth quite often puts it against a new challenge, which usually means there is a need to create a new department – a new branch in the organizational structure. In our opinion, in such situation, the entrepreneur has three choices:

  • to delegate the manager from another department to the new one “chasing two rabbits” at the same time
  • to make an internal promotion in the company, which is very reasonable and, in many cases, works fine providing there is a chance of finding a right person for the role within the company
  • start the process of recruiting a new manager and building a team.

To address such situations, we offer you cooperation and support in creation of the new department, where under a confidentiality agreement we will take care of the entire project of creating a department working closely with company’s policies and its strategies.
While creating the department, at the same time we will start the recruitment process for the position of the manager of the project and (if necessary) the members of their team and will make sure the new manager will be settling into their new role at the right pace.

The implementation of such cooperative model can be challenge for you, but it is worth considering to use, because:

  • it offers you a view at a situation from a slightly different perspective
  • ensures you that people working for you are the specialists
  • gives a green light for the new solutions to be applied to all management, administration, marketing and sales
  • leaves the current team in their current positions, letting staff to focus on their daily responsibilities
  • builds a new team and implements it with an assistance from Biznes Up
  • creates a department built on a solid foundation from scratch.




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I need staff, I create a new department, etc.

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