I’m looking for new markets for my company in Poland and abroad

introduction of Polish companies into foreign markets

„Made in Poland”

Manufactures at a certain stage of their development are faced with the challenge of expanding to foreign markets, which is certainly associated with risks. Therefore, before starting a foreign adventure it is important to investigate the market to which the offer will be directed.
The diagnosis is carried out mainly for:

  • applicable legal requirements
  • market specification
  • demand for the product in offer
  • potential distributors or direct customers
  • profitability

If you want to invest in an export branch, you should have a well-prepared team of specialists that will move freely on the relevant market.

And what should a company that starts an international adventure and do not yet have in their structures the people who would undertake such a project do?
What cost should I incur to build the right team?
How to acquire the right specialists?

To deal with such problems, we offer a service to conduct a potential customer analysis, based on which we will develop a project for expansion into foreign markets. At the next stage we will outline the channels to reach the customer with the preparation and conducting of business meetings. With our partners residing in different countries, we can verify the audience, regardless of the industry that the customer represents.

We are currently conducting many agricultural and chemical projects in different countries. We invite you to cooperate with Biznes Up, if you intend to greatly expand you company. It is certainly worth to use the knowledge and experience of those who have already developed business relationships.




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I’m looking for new markets for my company in Poland and abroad

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I am looking for innovative solutions in agriculture

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