I would like my products to be recognizable on the market

marketing campaigns

“Competition? – always, but far behind us”

The marketing campaign is part of a marketing and sales strategy. To simplify we could say it is an only a small part of it, and it shows itself as a selection of activities taking only short periods of time.
A marketing campaign, like a strategy, has a clearly defined goal that the company wants to achieve, is embedded in time and has its own quality measures.
Only those who know what kind of goals they want to achieve can start building a campaign.
In other words, to achieve them goals, below needs to happen:

  • explore the market and its capabilities
  • carry out research on competition offering similar goods
  • investigate their customers ‘ historical data and analyze sales and previous marketing activities for the effectiveness
  • determine customer needs
  • identify the target group and take appropriate actions
  • work with the sales department to prepare a sales plan
  • set a campaign budget according to sales plan
  • choose right marketing tools, including promotion types, type of advertising campaign, etc.

It is important that the marketing department – throughout the campaign-building process – has incorporated in the preparation the sales department, which in fact is its “first customer” to which all the actions are directed. It could be even their most difficult client, because, it is dependent on them, how all other things are going to be perceived externally

In a marketing campaign, it is also important to set a measuring device – the elements that indicate whether the target has been reached. Depending on the type of activity, the results can be measurable for example sales levels, or not measurable such as brand recognition and image seen by customers.

Thanks to this approach in the preparation of marketing campaigns we have often achieved successes. Today, sharing our own experience as Biznes Up, we are now ready to plan a marketing campaigns so we could feel the taste of its success together.


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I would like my products to be recognizable on the market

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I am looking for innovative solutions in agriculture

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