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I am looking for innovative solutions in agriculture

I am looking for innovative solutions in agriculture

Agro Up

We measure our effectiveness

with the success of our customers

We are professionals who have the courage, knowledge, and experience in creating original, unique projects that we create with passion, helping our customers making the necessary changes to drive their companies forward to the next level of development.

I am very pleased to be working with Biznes Up

They listen carefully to the customer, understanding their needs, and propose relevant solutions. Very good communication. Their engagement and hunger to succeed makes it feel almost as if they were part of the company. Aga, Tomek and Paweł are open and very creative professionals with whom you can create an amazing thing. It is a pleasure to collaborate and learn from them.

Martyna Oleszak

Business Development Director

Biznes Up has started sales of our products very fast

They know their market and how to develop agri inputs. We want to develop a long-term partnership with them. Biznes Up understands our specify and we like their mindset business orientation with strong technical skills. We think Biznes Up is a new key player on polish agri market with huge knowledge of their territory. All staff members are thoroughly trained in all aspects of the business.

Laurent Martinez

Business Manager, Boisvalor France

We started our cooperation with Biznes Up from the placing of our products on the market with their support

We had products, but they had the ideas of how to prepare them and put them on the market. Their great orientation in the agricultural sector in conjunction with creative marketing ideas and business approach made us take decisions on outsourcing of those activities. During this cooperation, we noticed that we hired true specialists, specialists to whom we can entrust with our product, so we can focus on the creation of new products in order to expand our portfolio.
I would definitely recommend them as a solid and reliable partner.

Bogdan Kulczyński

Co-founder of the Obrol Company

The best challenges

are the toughest ones

Our customers opinions confirm the quality of the services we provide.

We have a lot of finished projects in our account, as a result we get to work with more and more partners every day, both in the country and abroad.

We are very glad and extremely happy that our work hugely contributes to the development of many companies that work with us. That was the purpose and the goal we had in mind at the time of the establishment of our company.


Agnieszka Egberss

Paweł Kocel

Agnieszka Egberss

Absolwentka Akademii Rolniczej w Poznaniu, Wydziału Hodowli i Biologii Zwierząt. Zanim rozpoczęła współtworzyć firmę BiznesUp, pełniła funkcję CEO przez ponad 15 lat w kilku firmach reprezentujących szeroko pojętą branżę rolniczą.

She graduated the Academy of Agriculture in Poznan on the breeding and animal biology department. Before co-creating the BiznesUp Company, she worked as CEO for more than 15 years in several companies, representing the wider agricultural industry

Diplômée de l’Académie Agricole à Poznan, la Faculté de l’Élevage et de la Biologie Animale. Avant de commencer à co-créer l’entreprise BiznesUp, elle a été PDG pendant plus de 15 ans dans plusieurs entreprises représentant le secteur agricole au sens large.

Graduada en la Academia Agrícola de Poznań, en el Departamento de Cría y Biología de Animales. Antes de colaborar en la creaciónde BiznesUp, ejerció el cargo del CEO durante más de 15 años en varias empresas representantes del ramo agrícola – en el sentido amplio.

畢業於波茲南農業學院動物養殖與生物學 系。在共同創辦BiznesUP之前,她已在農 牧產業深耕十五年以上,並於數間公司擔任 CEO。1997年Agnieszka在波蘭Konspol家 禽集團開始其職業生涯,且擁有完整的資歷:曾任秘書、

Paweł Kocel

Absolwent Akademii Rolniczej w Poznaniu, Wydział Rolniczy oraz Akademii Ekonomicznej w Poznaniu, Wydział Zarządzania. Przez 17 lat zdobywania doświadczenia zawodowego rozwijał i kształtował własną pasję związaną z zagadnieniami z pogranicza marketingowo- sprzedażowego. Najpierw w 2000 roku w rolniczej firmie dystrybucyjnej Blending stworzył nowe obszary działalności – dział środków ochrony roślin i skupu płodów rolnych.

He graduated the Academy of Agriculture in Poznan on Agricultural Department and the Academy of Economics in Poznan, on Management Department. In 17 years of professional experience he developed his own passion and related issues of borderline in marketing and selling.

Diplômé de l’Académie Agricole à Poznan, la Faculté d’Agriculture et de l’Académie Économique à Poznan, la Faculté de Gestion. Au cours de ses 17 années d’acquisition d’expérience professionnelle, il a développé et façonné ses propres passions liées aux questions de marketing et de vente.

Graduado de la Academia Agrícola en Poznań, en el departamento Agrícola, y de la Academia de Economía en Poznań, departamento de Gestión. Durante 17 años de adquirir experiencia profesional desarrolló y formó su pasión acerca de cuestiones referentes a la zona fronteriza de marketing y venta.

畢業於波茲南農業學院農業學系和波茲 南經濟學院管理學系。在十七年的職場經 驗中Paweł培養了對行銷暨銷售活動的 熱誠。2000年時,他先在農產配銷公司 Blending建立了新的商業領域—農藥和農產品收購部門,這成為他未來職 涯發展的基石。三年後,他在跨國企業集團Syngenta中繼續自己的職業生 涯。


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I am looking for innovative solutions in agriculture

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