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Change of strategy. A decisive step in the development of Dekspol

Dekspol is a Polish family-owned company that manufactures wood impregnates. Its over 25 years of experience in the woodworking industry has won the recognition of many sawmills in Poland, and its first product – Firestop, fire-retardation product – is still “number one” in the offer. The Dekspol’s trademark is the technology of professional copper products Dekolit – an effective solution for the protection of garden wood.
Dekspol is a company that faces succession, to which it prepares itself by taking it step by step.

Project targets and goals

After 25 years of activity on the domestic market, the owners of Dekspol decided to use the experience of the entire Biznes Up team, giving us opportunity for a detailed analysis of the company and optimization of business processes. We faced two challenges that were the main objectives of the project.

Introducing changes in the company that would bring it to the next level of development
Creation of a new product line dedicated for retail customers

The challenges were very interesting, in particular because we had to.

Looking back at several months of our cooperation, we can say that our proposals have gained acceptance and full trust of the company’s Management Board. Together with the entire team, we constantly implement new projects that we never thought of working together on at the beginning of our journey. Because of that, we managed to effectively take care of the main sales pillar, which for us is the professional market, and now we are starting to create a new product line dedicated to retailers.

Customer benefits:

Looking for development for my business

I would like to introduce a successor or investor

I need staff, I create a new department, etc.

I would like my products to be recognizable on the market

I’m looking for new markets for my company in Poland and abroad

I am looking for innovative solutions in agriculture

I am looking for innovative solutions in agriculture

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